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Parsing of part-of-speech tagged Assamese Texts
Mirzanur RahmanSufal DasUtpal Sharma

A natural language (or ordinary language) is a language that is spoken, written, or signed by humans for general-purpose communication, as distinguished from formal languages (such as computer-programming languages or the "languages" used in the study of formal logic). The computational activities required for enabling a computer to carry out information processing using natural language is called natural language processing. We have taken Assamese language to check the grammars of the input sentence. Our aim is to produce a technique to check the grammatical structures of the sentences in Assamese text. We have made grammar rules by analyzing the structures of Assamese sentences. Our parsing program finds the grammatical errors, if any, in the Assamese sentence. If there is no error, the program will generate the parse tree for the Assamese sentence

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