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Word–Wise Script Identification from Indian Documents
Suranjit SinhaUmapada PalB. B. Chaudhuri

In a country like India, a single text line of most of the official documents contains two different script words. Under two-language formula, the Indian documents are written in English and the state official language. For Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of such a document page, it is necessary to separate different script words before feeding them to the OCRs of individual scripts. In this paper a robust technique is proposed to extract word-wise script identification from Indian doublet form documents. Here, at first, the document is segmented into lines and then the lines are segmented into words. Using different topological and structural features (like number of loops, headline feature, water reservoir concept based features, profile features, etc.) individual script words are identified from the documents. The proposed scheme is tested on 24210 words of different doublets and we received more than 97% accuracy, on average.

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