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Smart Bengali Cell Phone Keypad Layout
Md. Abul Kalam AzadRezwana SharmeenShabbir AhmadS. M. Kamruzzaman

Nowadays cell phone is the most common communicating used by mass people. SMS based communication is a cheap and popular communication method. It is human tendency to have the opportunity to write SMS in their mother language. Text input in mother language is more flexible when the alphabets of that language are printed on the keypad. Bangla mobile keypad based on phonetics has been proposed earlier. But the keypad is not scientific from frequency and flexibility point of view. Since it is not a feasible solution in this paper we have proposed an efficient Bengali keypad for cell phone and other cellular device. The proposed keypad is based on the frequency of the alphabets in Bengali language and also with the view of structure of human finger movements. We took the two points in count to provide a flexible and fast cell phone keypad.

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