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Recurrent Neural Network based Part-of-Speech Tagger for Code-Mixed Social Media Text
Raj Nath PatelPrakash B. PimpaleM Sasikumar

This paper describes Centre for Development of Advanced Computing's (CDACM) submission to the shared task-'Tool Contest on POS tagging for Code-Mixed Indian Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp) Text', collocated with ICON-2016. The shared task was to predict Part of Speech (POS) tag at word level for a given text. The code-mixed text is generated mostly on social media by multilingual users. The presence of the multilingual words, transliterations, and spelling variations make such content linguistically complex. In this paper, we propose an approach to POS tag code-mixed social media text using Recurrent Neural Network Language Model (RNN-LM) architecture. We submitted the results for Hindi-English (hi-en), Bengali-English (bn-en), and Telugu-English (te-en) code-mixed data.

Experiments with POS Tagging Code-mixed Indian Social Media Text
Prakash B. PimpaleRaj Nath Patel

This paper presents Centre for Development of Advanced Computing Mumbai's (CDACM) submission to the NLP Tools Contest on Part-Of-Speech (POS) Tagging For Code-mixed Indian Social Media Text (POSCMISMT) 2015 (collocated with ICON 2015). We submitted results for Hindi (hi), Bengali (bn), and Telugu (te) languages mixed with English (en). In this paper, we have described our approaches to the POS tagging techniques, we exploited for this task. Machine learning has been used to POS tag the mixed language text. For POS tagging, distributed representations of words in vector space (word2vec) for feature extraction and Log-linear models have been tried. We report our work on all three languages hi, bn, and te mixed with en.

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