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Context based Analysis of Lexical Semantics for Hindi Language
Mohd Zeeshan AnsariLubna Khan

A word having multiple senses in a text introduces the lexical semantic task to find out which particular sense is appropriate for the given context. One such task is Word sense disambiguation which refers to the identification of the most appropriate meaning of the polysemous word in a given context using computational algorithms. The language processing research in Hindi, the official language of India, and other Indian languages is restricted by unavailability of the standard corpus. For Hindi word sense disambiguation also, the large corpus is not available. In this work, we prepared the text containing new senses of certain words leading to the enrichment of the sense-tagged Hindi corpus of sixty polysemous words. Furthermore, we analyzed two novel lexical associations for Hindi word sense disambiguation based on the contextual features of the polysemous word. The evaluation of these methods is carried out over learning algorithms and favorable results are achieved.

Cross Script Hindi English NER Corpus from Wikipedia
Mohd Zeeshan AnsariTanvir AhmadMd Arshad Ali

The text generated on social media platforms is essentially a mixed lingual text. The mixing of language in any form produces considerable amount of difficulty in language processing systems. Moreover, the advancements in language processing research depends upon the availability of standard corpora. The development of mixed lingual Indian Named Entity Recognition (NER) systems are facing obstacles due to unavailability of the standard evaluation corpora. Such corpora may be of mixed lingual nature in which text is written using multiple languages predominantly using a single script only. The motivation of our work is to emphasize the automatic generation such kind of corpora in order to encourage mixed lingual Indian NER. The paper presents the preparation of a Cross Script Hindi-English Corpora from Wikipedia category pages. The corpora is successfully annotated using standard CoNLL-2003 categories of PER, LOC, ORG, and MISC. Its evaluation is carried out on a variety of machine learning algorithms and favorable results are achieved.

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