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Hindi to English Transfer Based Machine Translation System
Akanksha GehlotVaishali SharmaShashi Pal SinghAjai Kumar

In large societies like India there is a huge demand to convert one human language into another. Lots of work has been done in this area. Many transfer based MTS have developed for English to other languages, as MANTRA CDAC Pune, MATRA CDAC Pune, SHAKTI IISc Bangalore and IIIT Hyderabad. Still there is a little work done for Hindi to other languages. Currently we are working on it. In this paper we focus on designing a system, that translate the document from Hindi to English by using transfer based approach. This system takes an input text check its structure through parsing. Reordering rules are used to generate the text in target language. It is better than Corpus Based MTS because Corpus Based MTS require large amount of word aligned data for translation that is not available for many languages while Transfer Based MTS requires only knowledge of both the languages(source language and target language) to make transfer rules. We get correct translation for simple assertive sentences and almost correct for complex and compound sentences.

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