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Assamese-English Bilingual Machine Translation
Kalyanee Kanchan BaruahPranjal DasAbdul HannanShikhar Kr. Sarma

Machine translation is the process of translating text from one language to another. In this paper, Statistical Machine Translation is done on Assamese and English language by taking their respective parallel corpus. A statistical phrase based translation toolkit Moses is used here. To develop the language model and to align the words we used two another tools IRSTLM, GIZA respectively. BLEU score is used to check our translation system performance, how good it is. A difference in BLEU scores is obtained while translating sentences from Assamese to English and vice-versa. Since Indian languages are morphologically very rich hence translation is relatively harder from English to Assamese resulting in a low BLEU score. A statistical transliteration system is also introduced with our translation system to deal basically with proper nouns, OOV (out of vocabulary) words which are not present in our corpus.

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